David Ashby, 14, will walk to D.C. to help homeless children


David Ashby, 14, will be walking from Orlando to Washington, D.C. this summer to raise awareness about homeless children and to raise money for Coalition for the Homeless.

This story may have appeared in the Orlando Sentinel on April Fool’s Day, but the Orlando teen behind the story is not joking. This 14-year old is really planning to walk from Orlando to Washington D.C. during his summer break, sleeping in homeless shelters and begging for food.

Doesn’t sound like your type of vacation? That’s odd, because David can’t think of anything he’d rather do. He wants to raise awareness about child homelessness in the United States, and he didn’t want to promote their needs without first, as the saying goes, “walking a mile in their shoes.”

Well, David will actually be walking more than a mile. He’ll be walking 1,100. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

At Coalition for the Homeless, we are working closely with David (and his mom Alison, who is overseeing the project to make sure her son stays safe) to get the word out about his summer trek. We found it especially touching that David came up with this idea after learning that dozens of students at Lee Middle School, where he is an eighth grader, are homeless. And we were even more moved that David decided to do something about it.

helpingstepbystep_logoIf the thought of someone as young as David taking action against homelessness thrills you as much as it thrills us, check out his website www.helpingstepbystep.com for more information about this Orlando teen and his summer trek. And, check back on our blog often, since we will be sharing the highlights from David’s journey.

David found a unique way he could help the homeless in his community – and you can too! You don’t have to walk 1,100 miles (unless you are so inclined); you can volunteer or donate right here at Coalition for the Homeless. Visit www.centralfloridahomeless.org to find out how you can make a difference!