Living below the poverty line

Yesterday was the kickoff for our “$15 a Day Challenge” and we have gotten an enthusiastic response so far. In the spirit of this challenge, we are dedicating all blog posts this week to discussing the issues surrounding “limited budgets,” namely the poverty line, minimum wage and our current economy.

Watch this video to see the realities of living at the poverty line in the United States, presented by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


Stephen, who used to live at the Coalition with his mom and little brother, offers a sober reminder of the prevalence of poverty in America.

USCCB reports that one in eight Americans is living below the poverty line.  

The U.S. Census Bureau claims the poverty line is $21,027 a year for a family of four.

USCCB responds by asking a haunting question, “But how far does $21,027 go in America today? How do you budget? What do you leave out?”

As many of our readers participate in the $15 a Day Challenge, they may be asking similar questions regarding budgeting and sacrifice. We recommend watching this video as a visual break-down of that yearly salary – the outcome offers a bleak depiction of life beneath the poverty line. 

USCCB Poverty USA Video