Volunteers give my children hope (Al’s story – part two)

If you have served as a nonprofit volunteer, you’ve probably wondered if activities like preparing dinner, trimming hedges or holding a game night actually contribute to the bigger picture.

Al, a single father at the Coalition, says that volunteers have made a huge impact on his family

Al, a single father at the Coalition, says that volunteers have made a huge impact on his family

But at Coalition for the Homeless, you don’t need to question if volunteering will yield big results; you will see the effects of your generosity in the faces of the men, women and children we serve. Volunteers have a huge impact on our clients, and the letter below only offers more proof.

Al, a current client of ours and a single father, shared a piece of his story with us last week. This week, he wanted to share about the difference Coalition volunteers have made for him and his young children, especially in the midst of their uncertain circumstances. 

“What makes being here at the Coalition more bearable and this unpleasant situation a little more pleasant is the volunteers that come here. They do many different things for us, such as cooking and serving dinner, working on the landscape, having Bingo games with gifts once a month, reading buddies and science night [for the kids], and adopting families for Christmas…

“These volunteers are blessings from God…Whether these volunteers realize it or not, they give the younger children hope. This great country of ours was founded on hope and dreams of something better. Without hope, there can’t be dreams, and without dreams, there is nothing to follow and build upon and make come true.

Al's two children have enjoyed volunteer-led events at the Coalition, like reading time and science activities.

“The majority of the adults and older children have lost sight of any hope and dreams…the younger children can see hope and have good dreams for something better, because they see it through the volunteers. And with this, these children can restore hope and dreams in the teenagers and adults.

“I’ve heard it said that dreams are the blueprints of our minds for the future.”

After reading how volunteers have brought hope and “dreams for something better” to Al and his children, we are beaming with pride at what our generous community means to our clients. We couldn’t do what we do without you, so on behalf of clients like Al and his family we have just one thing to say: thanks.

Last year, Coalition for the Homeless benefited from nearly 15,000 volunteers who donated more than 66,000 hours of their time and talent. Want to get in on the action? Visit our website to see how you can make a difference in the lives of homeless men, women and children right here in Central Florida.