Hello there!

Welcome to Hope for the Homeless, a blog by Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. We may be new to the blogging community, but we are eager to jump in and get acquainted. We want our blog to serve as a forum of discussion for our supporters and all those interested in the homelessness issue in general. Feel free to send us ideas for blog posts, as well as links to your own blog.

Throughout our time together we will share stories, videos and pictures that will introduce you to the real face of homelessness in Central Florida. The Coalition serves an average of 650 men, women and children each night.  Nearly 200 of those we serve on any given night are children with an average age of less than seven years old. No longer can we as a community assume the homeless population consists of single men on street corners  – in fact, families with children are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. We can see that the face of homelessness is really changing, so addressing the issue of homelessness is more imperative now than ever.

We are anxious to connect with you and begin our partnership in giving “Hope to the Homeless.”

Make sure you check out our website, Facebook and Twitter – we are always looking for more friends!